Straight Up Candid with CLG

11 Apr EPISODE #5 - Taking Your Relationships To The Next Level with Kas Naidoo

1 HR 22 MIN
Your host CLG is back with another jam-packed episode of Straight Up Candid and this one is a goodie! Your host CLG got real candid about consciously creating epic relationships with Kas Naidoo (and may have spilled some beans on her own budding relationship with a certain individual). Kas is a Wealth and Relationship coach with over 20 years of experience. Her focus is on helping her clients create epic relationships and massive success and wealth. These are the two areas that determine the quality of our lives, but are not consciously taught to us. She believes that everyone deserves great love and great success and if we are not consciously creating this, we are sabotaging ourselves. Change will happen. Will you be a willing participant?